Experiences Unleashed

An interactive B2B conference for CA Technologies

CA Technologies was frequently suffering from 50% event attrition. Busy tech managers and execs need real value to justify a day out of their office to attend an event. Especially when tech conferences are often just sales parades. 

With eight business units wanting to increase sales and an overall business integration target, we worked strategically to solve these challenges. By bringing the business units together, we created CA Open House. This gave delegates 8x value and 8x content through simple drop in sessions and showcase events, letting delegates play with products through the whole day. All under one roof and with no full day commitment.

We connected audiences to products and specialists from all product lines to help them answer multiple business challenges in one go. 

The event achieved 260+% attendance and was extended across EMEA. 

B2B conferences come in all shapes and sizes. This is just one B2B case study we wanted to share with you.